Successful business 2021

After the Covid-19 crisis, a large number of businesses went bankrupt, however, some remained intact, and are now considered the most successful in 2021.


Dropshipping, selling without having products in the warehouse!


Dropshipping is one of the most profitable businesses today. This consists of designing a web page, and publishing in it products from larger pages to which you have access, or in which they have the products of stores where you are, to send them to other places.

For example, suppose that Amazon does not distribute products to Tijuana, but it distributes to Mexico City, if you live in the capital, you can integrate the most common merchandise into your Dropshipping and put it up for sale, including the shipping price to send it to Tijuana, plus your profits, this way your customers will have the products they want and you will too!


Boutique hotels 

The small hotels managed to survive the harsh situation much better than the large ones, because they operated with cheaper prices, also offering all the safety protocols for customers, which could be controlled more easily.

Todos Santos hotel is a clear example of this, as it has maintained a good number of clients, overcoming the crisis easily.


Bariatric surgery clinics 


As a successful business in 2021, bariatric surgery Tijuana is an excellent option, since bariatric surgeries are increasingly requested by patients from all over the world. In fact, many of them travel to Mexico to do it, since their prices are quite affordable, and, in addition, the procedures are of high quality, complying with all the norms.


In Tijuana, there are high quality clinics, which have adequate facilities to apply the procedures in a truly adequate way, and also with the highest quality standards.




The restaurants had to reinvent themselves, and move from personal attention to the public, to homes, which, curiously, turned out to be very advantageous. In fact, although some of them have returned to receive clients in their premises, they have remained with the possibility of serving their clients in their own homes. 

In addition, some of them have varied their menus including, for example, vegetarian or special dishes for diabetics and celiac. It really is one of the most successful businesses in 2021.


Messenger service 

Due to the situation of the pandemic, one of the main businesses to be activated has been the courier, since many people have found it necessary to use the services of the domiciliary to send their packages and products, so the courier companies have become one of the most requested businesses in recent months, and it is also projected in 2021, to continue being one of the most prosperous companies of the moment.


Definitely any of these businesses with a great projection for 2021 will give you good profits, obviously, you should know that, to base these businesses, you have to comply with some regulations, paperwork and taxes, but, even with everything and that, you will have excellent profits!