Permits that clinics need to operate

In Mexico, opening a clinic is an excellent decision, since not only can you earn profits by performing several types of medical procedures, but also because you are going to help many people to heal from diseases, as well as to make them look better.

In addition, opening a clinic means greater coverage of the private health system, allowing many more people to access this service, regardless of whether it is urgent or not, which means less weight in terms of occupation for existing hospitals.

The health permit for the construction of medical establishments

The health permit for the construction of medical establishments is an authorization that every hospital, public or private, must obtain in order to perform surgical operations and other medical procedures such as obstetrics, that is, those related to pregnancy and postpartum.

It is obtained through the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks, they are used both to build new clinics and hospitals, as well as to remodel existing ones, to request it you need the construction permit format, the medical program, the architecture plans of the place, among other requirements.

For example,  dentists in Tijuana  if they intend to open an office, or have a clinic built, they must obtain the sanitary permit for the construction of medical establishments to be able to handle dental surgical procedures, as well as to handle the waste generated as a result of these.



Clinic registration and medical licenses

In addition to these types of permits, it is also necessary to register the clinic with the secretariat of health as this is the entity in charge of managing this type of services and applying the laws associated with them, because when it is a clinic, you do not play with the arrival of someone to work or with the arrival of goods to a certain place, but the health and life of people depend on it, so you must have all the guarantees to be able to operate.

Another important document for the clinics to operate are the medical licenses of the professionals they want to hire, since these represent the veracity of all the years they studied to dedicate themselves to this noble work, as well as the certification that they are capable of performing all the medical procedures that are convenient.

To guarantee that the medical licenses are valid and are not falsified, it can be consulted at the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), by means of the medical license number that applicants to work at the clinic include in the curriculum.

A tummy tuck in Tijuana, with all the benefits that it brings, requires the intervention of multiple certified professionals, especially the surgeons and nurses in charge of recovery, since, it is not guaranteed if the person providing the service has the necessary studies to perform any medical procedure, addition to the fact that it is illegal to hire doctors without a medical license, and it can have consequences ranging from financial penalties to the closure of the clinic.